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NiceTown Stand up Ol Boy is back at em with a new Banger…… my opinion Young Chris is the Hottest in the city…..I got tracks to back it up too….and bread pimp

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 1, 2010

The TSS boys reveal that Chris recently linked up with Rico Love‘s Division 1 imprint on Universal Motown and finally has a proper label pushing his music. That’s what’s up, that means he’ll finally get to use that flow Peedi Crakk says Jay-Z stole from him. No shots.

SD: NiceTown Stand up Ol Boy is back at em with a new Banger…… my opinion Young Chris is the Hottest in the city…..I got tracks to back it up too….and bread pimp

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Nike Air Max 24/7 Sample – Metallic Gold & Varsity Royal

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 2, 2010

After images surfaced of a sample “Eggplant” Air Max 24/7 build, it’s no surprise to see two all new foamposite-esque colorways of the Air Max 24/7. The first sample seen immediately reminds you of the original Air Foamposite One with its metallic royal build. Black adds to the look, working on the upper mesh panels, sockliner and sole.

Continuing the foamposite frenzy, we get a look at this metallic gold make-up of the Air Max 24/7. Although metallic gold is in place of copper, you cant help but think Nike’s inspiration came directly from the “copper” Air Foamposite One. Just like it’s varsity royal counterpart, black works the upper mesh panels, sockliner and sole.

With only sample images surfacing,there is no word if these beauties will ever make it into production. Keep it locked to Sole Collector for the latest on an official release.

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Fabolous Freestyle On Hot 97! “No Brian Pumper Jewels” (Over BMF Beat & More)

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 1, 2010

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T.I. Covers Upscale Magazine (September / October 2010)

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 1, 2010

Clifford is on two covers of the September and October issue of Upscale magazine.

On his new album:
This project just like all of my projects will be a open window into my life, what I’m going through, how I feel and where I am right now.

On where he is:
I’m still learning and growing everyday. I do believe this project is in some ways the final installment of a trilogy. TI vs. TIP being the first one…. I hope that events of my life are captured in music in all of my records. So they were there for the beginning, they saw the middle (with Paper Trail) and now the only thing left to be seen is the conclusion.

On the advice he’d give to young Clifford Harris:
I would say man, if you knew what I knew, you would chill out… I would tell myself you’re going to be alright later on, all you have to do is cool out, you might not see it right now, but you have a reason to fall back. I just hope that I would listen.

On his best and worst character traits:
I can manage to be arrogant or confident as well as be humble and possess a certain level of humility. I can be aggressive and I can also be mild mannered.

On his future in hip hop:
I know I still have the ability to do it, but I don’t know if I have as much passion to do it as I once did… I might find that I’m more effective in another capacity, but I won’t know if I don’t ever try. I have other talents and abilities that I may not be paying any attention to because I have this first one that I’m very fond of and I’ve grown attached to… As an artist I still would like to be better, but as an artist, I think TI has had a stellar career already.

On loyalty getting in the way of business:
…If I say I’m gonna ride with you, I’m gonna ride with you. That’s personally, professionally. So even if I know that you might not be all what everyone else thinks you’re cracked up to be, I’m still gonna ride it out with you. It does get tiresome and it does get gruesome at time, but I don’t know no other way to be.

On being a daddy:
I make them look up different places and ask them where would they like to go. I just spend time with them. I try to stimulate their interests and build on that.

On his favorite quality in a woman:
Just having that instinct of when to take charge and when to fall back.

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Philly tax demands blog bucks

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 26, 2010

Philly tax demands blog bucks

Bloggers beware: In Philadelphia, your opinion may come with a price — which the city bureaucracy  wants from you for the right to write online.

The “blogger’s business fee” gained critical steam via alt-weekly attention last week and a Twitter-frenzy yesterday after the taxman sent letters demanding one-time $300 BPT payments from bloggers. By Monday, the phrase “Philadelphia taxing bloggers” drew 2.2 million Google results.

The primary issue online is over freedom of speech for bloggers making no, or little, money. One website called it “medieval,” but Philly City Hall said yesterday that many in the blogosphere have got it wrong.

“If you don’t generate revenues from the enterprise — like a mom blogging about her kids or someone blogging as a creative outlet without ads — you don’t need to pay taxes,” spokeswoman Maura Kennedy said.

The city didn’t share how the blogger list was compiled or how they’ll discern between profitable ones and non-moneymakers.

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