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How To Spice Up Your Boring Sex Life……

Posted by yoMcLovin on November 5, 2010

Are you Tired of the same old sexual routine? I have compiled a list of sex tips to bring that spice and flare back to your bedroom. Give some if not all of them a try I guarantee you’ll like the results.


When you’re in a relationship things start to become routine, even if you are casually dating the same routine gets tiresome. Usually the set up is as follows: Some kissing, bodily groping, she goes down, he goes down, and maybe a little more kissing then you have sex,  boring right?. Foreplay requires you to know what turns your partner on both mentally and physically. Here are a few foreplay methods try them out and let me know how they worked for you.

  • Talk Dirty: Tell her or him how you beat it up what you going do and how you going to do it. Talking dirty doesn’t just have to take place face to face, warm the oven up while she at work by sending her a dirty text or a picture of your man-gina or vice-versa ladies I love getting picture of my girls pink taco during a stressful work day.
  • Watch a girly movie: Sometimes a chick flick is all you need to get the oven hot. The romantic movie will show her a side she may have not seen from you. Every now and then kiss her gently on her neck, caress her legs and whisper softly in her ear. With all the passion that’s happening on and off screen she’s sure to have wet her panties in a good way.
  • Head to Toe: Kiss and lick their body head to toe searching and finding those pleasure spots that you may or may not know about. This is good for teasing your partner before performing oral sex on them.
  • Dry Humping: Try bumping and grinding passionately with your clothes on, while kissing and caressing her as if you’re both naked. Pull her hair, grab her ass and perform the motions as if you’re really having sex. This will surely get you both hot and bothered to the point where you’re ripping each others clothes off.


Have you ever been watching a action or scary movie and in the midst of the action or horror the main characters start having heavy passionate sex? Well it doesn’t just have to happen in the movies.  The routine sex in the bed can get boring it’s the same positions over and over again. Try it throughout your house granted you live alone. But if you’re a true risk taker like me and my girl step it up a few notches. We have gotten it on in dressing rooms, cars, and at the hospital. That possibility of getting caught in the act adds so much flare to the sex that you both will get off just at the thought of it.


Sex toys are a fun and exciting way to put some heat back in the bedroom. You can take baby steps and begin with heated and flavored massage oils, then try applying some orgasm-enhancing lubricant to her genitalia, and finally, you can use a vibrator on her.

Once you’re both feeling a little more adventurous, you can tackle the world of dildos, anal probes and beads. Use them on her, let her use them on you, take turns, or find a way to use them on each other at the same time. Regardless of how you do it, this bit of kink is sure to kick-start a heated sexual frenzy.


For the more adventurous, thrill-seeking woman, adding someone new into the mix might be interesting. That’s right — having a threesome isn’t necessarily only your fantasy. Some women have also entertained the idea. For those of you who are deterred by the idea of sharing your woman with another man, or just by the idea of being in bed with another man, don’t worry because another female fantasy that might come into play here is her desire to be with another woman.

Something important to note — before you start running a list of her friends through your head as possible candidates — is that threesomes might be dangerous for a relationship. So, make sure you discuss it thoroughly beforehand and you both understand what the boundaries and limits of this romp are.


Traditional sex positions tend to get a bad rap these days, and understandably so; they have a tendency to get old rather quickly. You may be surprised, however, to learn that these classic sex positions can be turned into something hot and altogether fantastic with just a few minor adjustments. Our sex positions with a twist are easy to do, and they don’t require the skill of an acrobat. And, perhaps most importantly, our sex positions with a twist deliver — for both you and your woman. Try one of the following sex positions with a twist and you’ll see what we mean.

Cowgirl Lap Dance

The original cowgirl position is fabulous all on its own, but when you add a chair to the mix, it becomes one of our hottest sex positions with twist. Grab a kitchen chair and sit yourself down. Pull your woman close, and help her slide onto your lap. With her feet touching the floor, she’ll be able to rotate her hips and tease your erection with her clitoris, making this a very sexy precursor to intercourse. You’ll also have a birds’-eye view of her breasts. When she’s ready for intercourse, this position will give her better control than the traditional cowgirl position does, which means the ride is going to be twice as wild and twice as good.

Doggy Leg Lift

If you’re looking to add a little extra something to doggie style, this sex position with a twist will definitely make your woman holler. Bend her over on the bed, spread her legs and lift one of her thighs. This will allow for the deepest penetration possible; simply twist your body toward hers and drape her thigh across your hip while you thrust. Your free hand can either slip into her hair for that gentle tug so many women crave, or you can use it to stimulate her clitoris. Either way, she’ll be hollering for more.

Missionary With Pillows

The good old-fashioned missionary position can lead to mind-blowing sex with the simple addition of a pillow. This sex position with a twist is incredibly easy and virtually guarantees orgasm; possibly even for both of you at the same time. Lay your woman down on her back and slide a pillow under her backside. Spread her thighs apart and place her feet flat against the mattress. Penetration from this angle will be deeper than ever before, and the unavoidable clitoral stimulation will make her orgasm deliciously intense.

Spoon Split

This sex position with a twist is a big favorite with many women because it feels highly intimate and very naughty at the same time. From the traditional spooning position, take her top leg and drape it across your own. This will force her thighs into a fairly widespread position, which can make even the shyest of women feel like a sexual nymph. You’ll be able to thrust deeply, while having very easy access to her clitoris. Don’t be surprised to see her thrashing about like a madwomen; sex in this position will make her feel extremely saucy.

Give some of the listed techniques a try and add on to them, because sex is the best thing in the would its even better when you having it with someone you LOVE and its great. Remember to always practice safe sex. -TSD

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Do Women Still Want A Man Who Can Beat The ***** Up?

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 28, 2010

Girls love making love, but sometimes women like to be f***ed. We are all grown here. I’m going to assume we are all sexual intellectuals so let’s not beat around the bush sometimes after a good tongue spanking the only thing left to do to a woman is beat it up and leave her walking funny.

In order to beat it up a man must do a few things to really leave the chicks pigeon toe’d and I’ll explain a few moves women seem to love. Before I start please understand that woman are different some might like it some might not, but it’s still good to know.

  • The Shoulder Grab: When you’re trying to beat it up a quick shoulder grab and pull can add extra pressure and leverage to allow a man to drill a woman so hard that her orgasm will feel like an oil spill in the gulf.
  • The Hair Pull: Pulling a girl’s hair can add a certain effect to the sex that can changes things forever. Women getting their hair pulled hurts and the manxilla inside a woman is like taking an ex pill after smoking a joint. Amazing!
  • Smack Her During Sex: When a man is trying to f*** a woman there are things he must do with out asking that simply must be done. Smack a giril in the middle of sex and see what happens. This is a good way to tell if you’re really beating it up. If a man is doing his job, she won’t say a damn thing. If he’s slacking, the whole sex relation may come to an end.
  • Choke Her: I once wrote a blog entitled how to choke a girl during sex. Re-read it and then try every level of the choke during sex. You’re girl will thank me later.
  • Deepness: When a man beat’s it up he must go deep. I like to do the deep 9 which I mentioned numerous times on this blog. Yet a man must go deep. Really deep. It’s as simply as sticking the manxilla as deep inside the vagina as possible. Stronger speeds, Faster than a fastball and harder than a Tyson punch. Go Deep.
  • The Face Grab: Grab a woman’s face while having sex with her and see what happens.

Overall having sex is a stupid dope thing. If a man knows what he’s doing a man can do pretty much anything during sex and get away with it. Good Peen is great peen for a woman. Especially in a age where most men can’t hold a candle to a woman’s libido in the bedroom try these things out and let me know what does it take for a man to beat it up!

With all that said, do women still want a man to beat it up or do they want to be made love too?


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Posted by yoMcLovin on October 24, 2010

Diane Lane did it in Unfaithful. Annette Bening did it in American Beauty. Sarah Jessica Parker did it on Sex and the City. And they’re not the only ones. Although women haven’t surpassed men on the cheating scale, more married women than ever before are jumping in the sack with someone other than their husbands. According to an American Sexual Behavior study, 14% of married women have cheated at least once, compared to 22% of married men. Not that we’re condoning two-timing from either party, but here are the top 10 reasons women cheat.



10. Not enough sex

Remember the good old days when you could stay up forever fooling around? Then responsibility entered the mix — and kids — and before you knew it, sleep was more important than sex. Well, women want to feel wanted. If you’re not making her feel that way, she could seek it elsewhere. To keep that spark alive, ask her out on date nights, send her provocative e-mails at lunch, and by all means, don’t let life get in the way of kissing, cuddling and sex.

9. Being the bad girl

Just as men feel the urge to sow their wild oats, some women have an inner sex kitten just waiting to be unleashed — and when the beast escapes from the cage, look out. This frisky behavior usually rears its ugly head in response to some sort of life change — major weight loss, new job, new friends, mid-life crisis, etc. Keep the lines of communication open and she’ll be more likely to talk to you about what’s going on instead of spilling her guts to a stranger in the night.

8. Self-esteem

Sex can be an instant pick-me-up; a self-esteem booster that makes women feel sexier, more beautiful and more loved. If your wife or girlfriend has self-esteem issues, it doesn’t mean she’s automatically going to cheat — and it’s certainly not your fault if she does — but there are ways to make her feel secure in the relationship that could help her from straying. Pay attention to her, ask her questions and don’t hold back on compliments — a little flattery goes a long way with women.

7. Revenge/payback for past wrongs

No, you didn’t cheat, but whether you blew your retirement fund in Vegas or got caught in a big lie, you did break her trust (and, possibly, her heart). She feels wounded and betrayed — and wants to hurt you the same way you hurt her. To regain her trust, it’s not enough just to tell her you’re sorry; you have to show her. Actions speak louder than words.

6. Lack of intimacy

You have it all: the house, the two-car garage and the two-and-a-half bathrooms — at least on the outside. But inside, the relationship is lacking the one thing women want most: intimacy. It’s not just sex that makes women feel connected in a relationship; it’s touching, kissing, cuddling, and communicating. Women crave it, and she could seek it elsewhere if she’s not getting it at home. To improve intimacy, spend quality time together, give her a foot massage, make a romantic dinner for two — anything that will give her a sense of unity and closeness.

5. Feeling neglected/ignored/underappreciated

Women wear many hats in a relationship — housekeeper, errand-runner, grocery shopper, babysitter, etc. When she feels more like a maid than a girlfriend/wife, that’s when she could stray. The fact that you spend all your time at work or on the golf course gives her double reason to seek attention elsewhere. No, you can’t quit your job, but you can thank her for all her selfless deeds — and do your share around the house.

4. Your emotional withdrawal

Women are emotional beings. Not only do they need physical support, but they also need emotional support. Once you retreat from the relationship, she sees it as a sign that things are through — a breakup is inevitable. So, she’s not really cheating, she’s moving on. To avoid this, be present in the relationship. Yes, that means sharing your icky feelings, but it’s better than the alternative, right?

3. Bedroom boredom

Sex can become monotonous if you let it — the same position; the same setting; the same person. An affair adds adventure and gets her adrenalin flowing. To avoid routine, avoid repetition. Sweep her away for the weekend, make out at the movies, kiss her for no reason at all… The unexpected adds excitement.

2. Exit strategy

Instead of breaking up with you, she cheats on you. That way she doesn’t have to deal with the broken relationship, which is much harder to fix. An affair is the easy way out — or at least that’s how she sees it. That’s another reason communication is key. Let her know that she can talk to you about anything and that you love her enough to work through any bumps in the relationship road.

1. Revenge for your cheating

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Because you cheated, she wants to get back at you and give you a dose of your own medicine. Cheating is her vengeance, her chance to even the playing field. No, you can’t undo your indiscretion, but you can ask for her forgiveness, assure her it will never happen again and suggest couples therapy to help you get through this tough time.

Her cheating heart

When you add up all the reasons women cheat, it’s usually her heart (or her ego) that needs healing, not her libido. Keep the lines of communication open, be supportive and encouraging and work at keeping that spark ignited. In other words: Don’t give her a reason to stray.

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10 Qualities A Man Looks For In A Woman?

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 21, 2010

What Does A Man Look For In A Woman.”  Even though every man is different I can honestly say we all look for the same qualities in our women and no it’s not just sex either. Some men focus on certain qualities more than others. But all and all there is a 10-point check list that most men triple check before choosing a mate. (Keep Reading)

10. Independence

  • No man wants a woman they have to baby-sit. Once in a while, like if she’s had a rough day at work, it’s great to be her shoulder to cry on, but if she can’t seem to wipe her butt without you handing her the toilet paper, she will eventually make you feel like you’re suffocating, which is a surefire way to get you running out the nearest exit. On the other hand, if she has her very own personality and opinions, can stand on her own two feet, both financially and emotionally, and is able to enjoy time away from you – while still missing you, of course – then she must be a great woman.

9. Intelligence

  • I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the ditzy dumb-blonde chick routine gets real old, real fast. Instead of being the one in total control, you’ll find yourself trying to figure out what she’s really thinking behind those glazed eyes of hers (or if she’s actually thinking at all). An intelligent woman will constantly surprise you and keep you on your toes. She won’t let you get bored of her. Besides, it’s nice to have something to talk about between all that toe-curling, spine-busting sex.

8. Sexuality

  • While we’re on the topic, a great woman has to be sexually compatible (freaky-deeky, if you’re nasty) with you. For instance, if you’re into some freaky, nasty froggy-style agendas and she’s more the “hold each other until the sun comes up” type, that’s a problem. The two of you have to be on the same page or, at least, she has to be willing to wear a smile with some whipped cream from time to time. Of course, this doesn’t imply that she has to know all the precise moves right away; it simply means that you and she have an undeniable attraction toward each other, and are able to communicate your desires verbally (or with physical cues). It is important that you please each other in the bedroom, or on top of the dryer – whatever the case may be.

7. Attractiveness

  • I know, this one is kind of obvious, but important nonetheless. A great woman will not only want to look good for you, but also for her. She should always look her best and be well put together – matching draws is a definite plus (we notice when you put that work in). Men have to be proud to have their women on their arm and enjoy the sight of her in any light. And this doesn’t mean that she has to be a Halle Berry clone. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you think her big ol’ booty svelte figure or nappy kitchen uncontrollable curls are beautiful, you’re allowed.

6. Respect

  • This is very important. Your partner must respect you. This means that they listen to you, even if they don’t necessarily agree with what you’re saying. And, of course, they never try to humiliate or demean you in any way, shape or form. A phenomenal person won’t ever cause scenes in public or in front of your friends and family, and will always wait to discuss matters with you in private. If they respect you, chances are that they will behave in a tactful and diplomatic manner in most situations, which is definitely a good thing.

5. Non-Controlling

  • Do not – I repeat – DO NOT get involved with someone who tries to get you to eat goat cheese and fruit for breakfast and insists that you give up the things you love most. You will end up resenting them more than you can imagine. A good partner lets you be you in all your glory, dirty draws and all. They have to realize the differences that men and women have and should allow you to be yourself.

4. Non-Complaining

  • There is nothing worse someone who nags! A great woman knows this and chooses her battles wisely. She knows when to speak up and when to let it slide. You don’t want a woman who will give you hell for leaving a couple of dishes in the sink occasionally. However, if you’re shacking up and you stay out all night without calling her, and she lets you have it, then you’re setting yourself up for disaster. This is a situation that nobody would let slide – not even a great woman.

3. Pleasant

  • A great woman will not only help your mother in the kitchen, listen to your long stories about nothing and hang out with your friends, but she will enjoy it. She’ll make a real effort to get to know and love the most important people in your life. And she won’t try to get you to ditch your best friends. She’ll actually empathize with your homeboy getting dumped and suggest that the crew take him out to cheer him up. Not only that, but your friends won’t roll their eyes and moan when you mention that she’ll be joining y’all when she gets off work (yes, women like this do exist).

2. Loving

  • If you have found a woman who loves you for who you really are and not who you pretend or try to be sometimes, you should definitely hang on to her. A woman who doesn’t try to change you is hard to find. Of course, all women have their slightly annoying habits (leaving a drop of juice in the fridge) that their mate has to contend with, but if she really loves you, she will be able to cope with these. Another way to know if she really loves you is by observing the way she looks at you and treats you on an on a daily basis. If the sight of you doesn’t seem to faze her either way, and she doesn’t really seem to care about what you have to say, she’s either playing very hard to get, or sees you as just some guy. But if a surprise visit or phone call from you makes her light up, there’s no denying that she loves you.

1. She makes you want to be a better man.

  • Stop making that face… any man who has a great woman or wife will tell you that she makes him want to be a better man. She doesn’t have to say or do anything; it just is that way. If you suddenly feel bad about how you treated your sister or find yourself trying to get your finances in order, you might want to think about your motivation for doing so. It could be love.

Ladies this right here is the key to love, if you are this woman then you probably already have a man. If you aren’t this woman, become her… fast.

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Wake-up call: Are you having safe sex?

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 13, 2010

Practicing safe sex is not only important to prevent  unwanted pregnancies — it also protects against potentially life-threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDS and chlamydia.  

Who’s at risk?

Of those that get treatment for an STI (sexually transmittable infection), 10 percent will become re-infected within the year.

“Prevention is better than a cure,” says Peter Roach, Vice President of the Durex Network, which raises global awareness of the safe-sex message. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 18,000 people with AIDS still die each year in the U.S., despite better treatment options.

Young people are the ones not getting the message, but there has been an increase in STIs among older people too. “Marriages are breaking down in the 40-and-over age group, and these people had limited sex education when they were younger and are less aware of the risks involved with unprotected sex,” explained Roach.

Why people are still having unsafe sex

Younger people, and especially younger girls, believe that the pill alone is enough protection — yet the contraceptive pill only prevents from pregnancy, not infections. 
Education is key. Market research carried out by Durex suggests that sex education given in school is not sufficient.

“Parents and guardians provide the best source of sex education and their knowledge and advice contributes to greater sexual confidence,” says Roach. “We need to make it easier for young people to speak to their friends or their parents about sex without feeling embarrassed.”  

Culture, whether country of origin or religious belief, is important. In the Netherlands, where parents famously deal with sex openly, teen pregnancies are lower than the norm. Roach said: “Culture has a key role in how open people are about sex. Durex researchers found that people are reluctant to speak to their new sexual partners about their history.”

Recently, German popstar Nadja Benaissa was convicted of infecting her ex-partner with HIV/AIDS after failing to inform him of her illness throughout their relationship.

Although she will not be going to jail, Benaissa could well have prevented her partner from meeting that fate. 

“AIDS remains a current issue and there are still a third to half of those infected who are unaware of their status,” says Roach. “Testing is key.”


More about Sex Issue

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5 Tips To Become A Master Eater Outer

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 8, 2010

If you’re a regular reader than this post will make you want to do things to the person you love, like or just bumping uglies with. With that said here are 5 fantastic tips to make you a Master Eater Outer

Eating out is when the man licks the woman’s vagina. It’s really that simple, now although that pretty much sums it up here are some tips to ensure that a girl’s chances of having an orgasm are higher than Drake, Lil Wayne and Lindsay Lohan combined.

1. Tap It:

First start with a nice long lick. The guy should start his tongue somewhere in the middle of her vagina. With an extremely wet tongue he should lick up, around and through her lips. I like to lick my lips first so if they touch her vagina lips I she can feel the amazing sensation of my lips on her skin. Then while twirling my tongue around in a circular clockwise motion I put as much of my tongue on her vagina as possible and than tongue tap it all over. This is when I gently tap my tongue all over her wet vagina. Kind of how thumper taps his foot. This teases the woman. The man just gave her maximum feeling and suddenly switched to light taps. She’ll go crazy with anticipation.

2. Hand to Mouth:

Tongue is very important when it comes to eating a girl the right way, but one thing you must remember is that a little finger never hurts. Well sometimes it does. The man should make sure his nails of clean, filed and doesn’t have any jagged edges. The key to hand movement is to rub, while poking can be good it can also lead to injury if you don’t know what you’re doing. Men should rub the clit with a moist finger while licking it. I like to use three fingers I make them moist, take her outer lips and push them towards her lick and gently or forcibly massage her clit. All the while I make sure to slide my tongue across her vagina so she can feel my tongue. Get turned on by my breath breathing on her body. I want her to get pleasure that her scent will be all over my face and my hands.

3. Back and Forth:

Simply moving your tongue back and forth can go a long way. Taking a tongue and gracefully sliding it all over her vagina will make her go wild. Some dudes spell out names, other move their tongue with no pattern but the key to great vagina eating is to make sure the tongue is moving around her vagina parts. A guy’s goal should be to move her clit back and forth, up and down. The man’s tongue she be a man and tell the woman’s vagina lips where to go. All this non verbal communication is done with one thing in mind. Make the girl explode all over the guy’s face.

4. Leg Lock:

Again Master Eater Outers know that they are the man. So Legs are very important when it comes to licking vagina. The man should control the woman’s legs. Lifting them up to make the woman’s butt go in the air in case he wants to lick her low. He can also use a woman’s legs to move her body when he his neck and tongue need a rest. I like to use my woman’s legs to rub her wet dripping vagina all over my face. Smearing her juice all over. It just makes for good times and supplies a vision she’ll cream for.

5. Don’t Stop Get It Get It:

The man can’t give up. A lot of women don’t come because the man stops before the woman has the chance to cum. Continue to eat her until she tells you she came. I once ate a girl out for 4 hours, until my tongue was sore. There also comes a time when the man has to stay he cannot make a woman reach orgasm. So here are some tips.

Use a Toy, and let the girl ride your face. Remember Rock The Boat: When a woman is hovering over her man’s mouth while his tongue carrasses her vagina, she should rub it all over his tongue. She should grind her vagina over his face and get his face a wet as possible, trying to cover the bottom half of his face with her juices. Think of it like marking a tree, her man will smell her for hours after the oral is done.

For more Riding face tips click here Read the rest of this entry »

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Jamal Parris: “Life With Bishop Eddie Long Was Like A Drug…We Would Have Sex In His Church Before & After Service”

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 30, 2010

Fox 5 Atlanta ran part 2 of their interview with Jamal Parris one of Bishop Eddie Long’s accuser’s.  Just pop the top and watch for yourself

ATLANTA, Ga. – A young man who says he received spiritual guidance from Bishop Eddie Long says life with the bishop was like a drug. Jamal Parris told FOX 5′s senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell that a father-son relationship turned sexual, and he wants to get the story out to rid himself of the pain and protect others.

“Bishop Long is in the pulpit, Eddie Long is in the private,” said Parris. “And we know Eddie Long. That’s a whole other man.”

Jamal Parris says the charismatic leader of the 10,000-seat megachurch New Birth Missionary Baptist is leading a double life, and he felt it was time to bring it to an end.

“Enough is enough,” said Parris. “This man is– he’s done too much damage to the lives of young men and it’s time it stops.”

In an exclusive interview in Colorado, where he now lives, Jamal Parris painted a picture of a bishop who is adored in public, but in private preys on young, impressionable men, looking for a father figure and love.

“Being around him is almost like a drug,” Parris explained. “You can’t believe the place you are at in your life and the things you are doing and the cars you are driving, and the people you are meeting. So, it becomes, if I want to continue to feel this love and this power, I’ll do whatever my dad wants me to.”

Jamal says that what the bishop wanted was sex. He said it began after he became of age, and he said it was constant.

“His house. The hotels. His condos. In the church,” Parris said. “In the church, before and after service.”

Bishop Long never flatly denied the charges in the lawsuit during last Sunday’s sermon, but his attorney has said they are not true.

“Did you receive those pictures?” FOX 5′s Dale Russell asked Parris.

“I received those pictures,” Parris said.

“Did he ask for pictures like that from you?” Russell asked Parris.

“Yeah,” Parris replied.

Parris says the bishop exchanged pictures as he coached them on building up their bodies, and improving their physical appearance for him.

“The pictures speak for themselves,” said Parris. “A man in his underwear talking. Sending pictures from a bathroom, and it ain’t to his wife. It’s to us. They speak for themselves. You be the judge of that.”

Parris claims in his lawsuit the jewelry, the cash, the gifts, the trips in the bishop’s private plane came at times from church coffers, and that top church officials knew what was going on.

“Was some of the money that was spent on you and the others church money?” Russell asked.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Parris replied.

“No doubt about it?” Russell said.

“No,” said Parris.

He says he was surprised to find out other young men claimed they too were sexually involved with the bishop.

“All we wanted to do was talk and just say, ‘Help me with this hurt that you caused.’ And he had no sense of reverence, guilt, or remorse. So if you are not going to deal with us privately, then you are going to have to sit down publicly, one way or the other. But you are not going to hurt another young man another day in our lives.”

And together, they decided to come forward and file lawsuits.

“I want my pain to stop,” said Parris. “I want the pain of the other sons to stop. I want to make sure this pain never starts for another young man that goes to this church. And I actually want his pain to stop.”

Bishop Eddie Long’s attorney, Craig Gillen, sent FOX 5 an email that states, “Unfortunately the plaintiffs and counsel are attempting to try their lawsuits in the media. The appropriate place to try lawsuits is in the court room.”

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