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Posted by yoMcLovin on November 11, 2010


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Spoken Word Poet Jazmine Mans Puts Nicki Minaj in Her Place…..She Goes Hard

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 28, 2010

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Oprah Was Afraid Her “OWN Network” (Oprah Winfrey Network) Wouldn’t Live Up To Current Show’s Success

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 5, 2010

Oprah Winfrey has experienced something most people only dream of – and that’s coming from poverty and hitting billionaire status and watching everything you touch turn to gold in the process. 

Well even a woman with Oprah’s business savvy and success rate can experience fear regarding a new venture.  Her new venture just happens to be launching her OWN television network.  Peep what her fears were

*Oprah Winfrey is now admitting that she was once afraid her OWN network would never live up to the success of her daytime TV show.

“All the bells went off. This is why I lived in fear about this network. I kept thinking I have to repeat the 25-year phenomenon of the ‘Oprah’ show. I don’t want to be Michael Jackson,” she tells Fortune magazine, referring to the pop singer once saying he’d never be able to top 1983′s “Thriller.”

But now?

“My fear about, ‘Will the people really follow me?’– I’m past that,” Winfrey says.

Still, getting the network, which is due to launch early next year, off the ground was a challenge.

Winfrey admits she was indecisive about the show lineup, causing backer Discovery Communications to invest an extra $89 million on top of its $100 million launch money, as previously reported. OWN CEO Christina Norman, who joined the network after leaving MTV as chief, was unable to greenlight any series without Winfrey’s input.

“This is part of the reason OWN was stagnant,” Winfrey says. “I was the holdup.”

Also nagging Winfrey: Rosie O’Donnell having her own show after polarizing viewers on “The View.” She brought Tom Freston, Norman and OWN chief creative officer Lisa Erspamer to O’Donnell’s suburban New York home to vet O’Donnell this past June.

Recalls Winfrey, “Rosie said, ‘I know you’re here to assess how crazy I am.’ I said, ‘Basically, yes. I’m doing a crazy check.”

After seeing her kids running around in the back yard, Winfrey says of O’Donnell, “What I found is that she is so generous as a mother.”

But Winfrey banned O’Donnell from airing any grievances on her blog or radio show, as she did with Barbara Walters: “If you have an issue that’s causing a problem, speak to me, woman to woman, so that it doesn’t become a worldwide issue.”

Winfrey downplays that she’s concerned about O’Donnell’s potentially abrasive effect on viewers. “No, it doesn’t worry me,” she insists to Fortune. When asked if she thinks about it, she replies crisply, “Of course.”

She’s also not too worried if the network is not an immediate success. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t think it will be.

“No — technically, I don’t think in terms of being in the top 10. But do I think we will be? Yes,” Winfrey says.

According to analysts Fortune cites, OWN could be worth $3 billion or more within a few years — and she owns half of it. Winfrey is worth $3 billion currently.


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TOO FUNNY: Chris Brown Says “Twitter just got whack” moments after a certain someone posted they were taking over their twitter again…….

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 1, 2010

Like Curtis Jackson, Robyn Fenty has had a twitter, but no more ghosttyping for Ri Ri. This past Friday, the Barbados beauty started socializing on the network herself. Although her ex Breezy deleted it, reports are he responded to her first tweet. Glad the keyboard was the only thing he hit this time. Read ‘em below.

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Netflix adds iPhone and iPod touch compatibility in latest app version

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 26, 2010

We knew this was coming and here it is: the Netflix application, heretofore reserved only for iPad users, has trickled down to iPhone and iPod touch devices. Version 1.1.0 makes the TV show and movie streaming app universal — so long as your universe is known as iOS — and looks to massively expand the available audience for Netflix’s mobile effort. What are you waiting for, go get it already.

Netflix iPhone App Video from Netflix on Vimeo.

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