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10 Ways a Good Woman Makes You Better.

Posted by yoMcLovin on December 31, 2010

When it comes to relationships, all any guy wants is a good woman.

Unfortunately, many of us have to go through a number of not-so-good women before we find the one that’s really worth the effort. Women say they have to kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince. Well, men have to put up with a lot of princesses before they find a partner.

But when a guy finds the right girl it’s as if all the other aspects of his life fall into place. That’s the effect a good woman can have on you. A healthy and supportive relationship can make you a Better Man.

No.10 She makes you socialize

One of the top 10 ways a good woman improves you is by making you socialize. A lot of guys have a solitary streak. We like our privacy and value our alone time, but we can sometimes get so comfortable in our loner routine that we forget how much fun socializing can be. That’s why a good woman is so important.

Women are more social than men. Sociologists at the University of Manchester say that women are better at making friends; they form “deeper” and stronger connections than men do. Women also make up the majority of users on most major social networks. For instance, 57% of Facebook users are women. Women have an inclination toward community and society that can counter the solitary streak of even the most introverted guy.

A good woman will drag your lazy ass out to a party or to a bar, even when you put up a fuss. You’ll grumble about it while you’re getting ready, but when you’re out having a good time, you’ll thank her for it.

No.9 She makes you better in bed

How does a good woman make you better in bed? She challenges you. She keeps things fresh. She pushes the limits. When you’re in a relationship, by necessity, you have to keep sex interesting. Boredom is the enemy of monogamy. A relationship with a good woman, then, will necessarily involve sexual experimentation and lots of playtime between the sheets. Your sex life could become more adventurous than it was during even your wildest of oat-sowing phases.

No.8 She keeps you normal

Every guy has his hang-ups. We all have our own particular neuroses and insecurities. Maybe you’re a jealous guy or you periodically struggle with confidence. We all go through it. The problem is that, if left unchecked, our hang-ups can become serious obstacles to our happiness.

So, another one of the top 10 ways a good woman can improve you is by keeping those neuroses under control. Having another person by your side — someone who loves you — can be the cure-all for all those counterproductive tendencies.

No.7 She keeps you honest

Newsflash: sometimes men lie. We lie to our partners. We sometimes even lie to ourselves. We know it’s not a good thing, but we do it anyway. A good woman, however, keeps you honest. That’s another of the top 10 ways a good woman improves you.

She’ll make sure you’re telling the truth, not only to her, but to yourself. If you’re making excuses for why you can’t get that promotion, she’ll call you on it. If you’re wallowing in self-pity, she’ll call you on that too. A good woman knows you — maybe better than you know yourself.

No.6 She keeps you healthy

Keeping you healthy is another one of the top 10 ways a good woman improves you. Women are often more health-conscious than us guys are.

They count the calories in a salad like we count the strips of bacon on a cheeseburger.

A good woman is more likely to keep you eating right and going to the gym. She may even inspire you to stay healthy without pressuring or cajoling whatsoever. After all, having a hot, fit girlfriend is incentive enough to stay in good shape.

No.5 She focuses you on the future

Some relationships are transient, temporary or even disposable. You know them when you’re in them; they have an expiration date. A good relationship isn’t like that, though. While a good relationship is lots of fun in the present, it also gets you thinking about the future, and not only about the predictable stuff — like marriage and kids — but also about all the big picture stuff, like your career and life goals. And having a plan is never a bad thing.

No.4 She keeps you motivated

Not only is a good woman going to keep you focused on your goals, she’s also going to help you get there. It’s another one of the top 10 ways a good woman improves you. She’s a trusted adviser, and your head cheerleader. She has your career in mind. She keeps your eye not just on promotions and advancement, but also on your job satisfaction and happiness. Whether it’s reassurance or a swift kick in the pants, she’ll tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it.

Moreover, when you have a good woman, you want to make her proud of you, and that’s maybe the biggest motivator of all.

No.3 She challenges you to try new things

A good woman improves you. She helps you become a more complete human being. Often that just means exposing you to things you’ve never tried before. Maybe it’s as simple as trying new foods or taking up yoga. Maybe it’s going on a backpacking excursion in Europe, or skydiving.

The point is that it’s both easier and more fun to try new things when you have someone by your side. You’re more likely to take chances when you’re with someone you trust. Ultimately, a good woman will help you become better-rounded.

No.2 She provides stability

There’s a lot to be said for stability. It’s one of the great virtues of a committed relationship. Consequently, we consider stability among the most important of our top 10 ways a good woman improves you. Think about it: Once you have the romantic and sexual part of your life locked down, once you’re no longer chasing phone numbers and dealing with breakup drama, how much more energy will you now have to focus on other areas?

When you have a good woman by your side — someone who will support you and stand by you through thick and thin — you’ll finally be able to open your own business or take a year to travel the globe. With a good relationship as your foundation, you are in a better position to pursue all your dreams and ambitions.

No.1 She sees the best in you

Topping our list of the top 10 ways a good woman improves you: She sees the best in you. When a great woman treats you like you’re the most capable and deserving guy in the world, it’s hard not to feel like the most capable and deserving guy in the world.

In other words, a good woman not only sees the best in you, she also helps you see the best in yourself.

If she’s after your money, she’s not a good woman — here are the Top 10: Signs She’s A Gold Digger. And if you’ve found a good woman, you should consider our Top 10: Places To Propose.


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Posted by yoMcLovin on December 1, 2010

Over the years, World AIDS Day has become a global phenomenon that has prompted massive media coverage, raised awareness, encouraged people to get involved and helped amplify the voices of those living with HIV/AIDS. Every Dec. 1 for the past 22 years, humanity has taken 24 hours to commemorate those who have died, acknowledge those who live and those who fight on the frontlines of the battle against HIV, and ponder what it will take to eliminate the virus once and for all.

We all can agree that one day is not enough. Only so much that can be accomplished during a single rotation of the earth on its axis.

Read more



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Ten things you didnt know about…….Condoms

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 8, 2010

1. In 1839, Charles Goodyear invented the rubber vulca­nization process, allowing for the production of the first rubber con­doms to take place.

2. Condoms have been around for centuries — at least 400 years.

3. Condoms don’t break easily. They are more likely to break if they have not been put on carefully.  

4. Condoms have an expiration date, just like milk. The average shelf life for a condom can be anywhere between three and five years.

5. Prior to the 19th century, a condom could be a chemically treated piece of linen cloth (held by a ribbon) or animal tissue (intestine or bladder).

6. Before the introduction of the contraceptive pill in 1960s, condoms were the most popular method of birth control in the West.

7. Young’s Rubber Company launched the latex condom on the market in the 1920s — making it waterproof, elastic and durable.

8. Using two condoms at once will not guarantee safer intercourse. The opposite is true, as using two at once will mean that one is more likely
to rip.    

9. A condom can stretch  up to 18 inches, so it’s unlikely that it will cut off circulation.

10. Using a condom will only increase your chances of safer sex, and it will not diminish sensation.

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Vaginal Surgery ~> If you have a dried up cheese steak meat looking vagina you may wanna look into this cosmetic procedure.

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 30, 2010

Hey  Dr. Chaves,

What exactly is vaginal surgery? One of my wife’s friends e-mailed her and said that she was thinking about doing that because she had a couple of kids. The thing is, my wife’s friend isn’t sick or anything. What’s the point of vaginal surgery?

Harper T., New York, NY

I love vagina questions. But this question’s about changing one. Why (they’re all so pretty)? If your wife’s friend isn’t sick and she’s recently had kids, she might be getting what is called vaginoplasty (tightening the vagina and surrounding structures) and/or a labiaplasty (altering the appearance of the labias or vaginal lips).

Most of these surgeries are for cosmetic or personal reasons, but medical issues can be reasons as well. There’s a lot of pressure and expectation put on females by our society to look a certain way and that includes genitals (hence, the consideration of vaginal surgery). Have you ever seen an “imperfect“ vulva in Porn, Playboy or Hustler? Of course not; surgery, computers and Photoshop make sure of that. But it’s unrealistic and unnatural. Vulvas were made to be different, just like people.

My guess is that your wife’s friend feels uncomfortable about her privates and wants to surgically alter her appearance. Some say it’s no different than plastic surgery, breast implants or liposuction. Not a big deal. Others say its unethical and a response to social pressures — a big deal.

One thing I wonder is how does this affect the sex? There’s little reliable research that tests the sensation changes before and after vaginal surgeries. Realistically, tissue and nerves are removed or altered, which in theory would affect sensation, right? What about the possible psychological impacts a female may experience with altered genitalia? Could that affect her desire, arousal and sensation in a good way? Um, would someone please research this? I’m a realist. I expect a vulva to be different from the last one I encountered. I expect a vagina to never look like another.


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LADIES would you use these~>Reusable “Sea Pearl Tampons”

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 27, 2010

Sea Pearls are completely natural reusable sea sponge tampons containing no Dioxin or synthetic fibers. Sustainably harvested and reusable for three to six months or more, Sea Pearls are easy to use, economical, and earth friendly. Rest assured, we are NOT using sponges harvested from the Gulf of Mexico!

Sea Pearls are extremely comfortable, soft, and textured much like the vaginal wall. They can be custom trimmed to fit your unique form, so you won’t even notice they are there! Sponges are naturally very absorbent, and can also be used during sex. Some women choose to use them for contraception with a spermicide of their choice.

Sea Pearls are convenient – no more running to the store for emergency tampons. Compared to the cost of conventional single use tampons and pads, our reusable Sea Pearls save you money and you will never again need to worry about polluting the environment with used feminine hygiene products. Can you believe the average woman uses nearly 17,000 disposable pads and tampons throughout her lifetime? In North America alone, an estimated 20 billion bleached pads and tampons end up in our landfills and sewage systems each year!

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Brand new Shake Weight cooling system *Parody* (PAUSE)

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 21, 2010

Shake Weight with built in Cooling system. (Parody)

The Original Shake Weight

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