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College Basketball Player Changes Sexual Distinction From Female To Male. Becoming NCAA’s 1st Transgendered Athlete. Should This Be Allowed?

Posted by yoMcLovin on November 3, 2010

I saw this story on CNN this morning and I simply don’t agree with this ruling by the NCAA.

George Washington University basketball player Kay-Kay Allums has been allowed by the NCAA to change her sexual distinction from female to male. Although she has not undergone any surgery and will not be allowed to undergo testosterone therapy while competing.

Instead of Kay-Kay, her name is now Kye Allums. She is being labeled as the first ever transgender player in NCAA Division ! basketball history.

The 21-year old Allums says she has been a tomboy all of her life, and now considers herself a brother to her teammates.

This means a lot,” Allums said. “I didn’t choose to be born in this body and feel the way I do. I decided to transition, that is change my name and pronouns because it bothered me to hide who I am, and I am trying to help myself and others to be who they are, I told my teammates first, and they, including my coaches, have supported me. My teammates have embraced me as the big brother of the team. They have been my family, and I love them all.

Ok, so if you are considered a man, should you be allowed to play on a woman’s team and vice versa? Where do you draw the line?

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Michael Jordan: ‘I Could Have Scored 100 Points In Today’s NBA’

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 15, 2010

Michael Jordan is by far the greatest player to have ever played this game.  He believes that he could have dropped 100 points in today’s game.  Find out why

In the buildup to the release of the NBA 2K11 video game, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan (who is prominently featured in the game, and in the advertising hyping up the game), sat down with USA Today’s Game Hunters blog to discuss Michael Jordan.

This snippet stood out:

How has the game changed from your playing days?
It’s less physical and the rules have changed, obviously. Based on these rules, if I had to play with my style of play, I’m pretty sure I would have fouled out or I would have been at the free throw line pretty often and I could have scored 100 points.


Michael Jordan’s the greatest player ever. His presence on my hometown team is the reason I do what I do for a living, and I’d be one of the dozens to go broke in betting against him. But I’m betting against him. He wouldn’t have gotten 100. He needed overtime to make it to 69 points, once, and that was his career high.

And, yes, in a league with a few more possessions per game, and in a world without overt hand-checking, yes, Michael Jordan would have scored more in this era than he actually did in the 1980s and 1990s.

But he wouldn’t have scored 100. Why? Because Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game was an absolute farce.

Wilt was a 7-2 dominant force going up against a 6-10 backup center on the New York Knicks back in 1962. He was able to put up 63 shots and attempt 32 free throws mainly because the pace was so, so much faster back in that era, and because his Philadelphia Warriors team was intentionally fouling the Knicks down the stretch in order to get Wilt the ball every time down court in a contest that was a 16-point game at the end of the first quarter.

It was an absolute joke of a “contest,” and though Wilt is to be commended for his brilliance, there’s a reason why nobody has come very close in the 48 years since Wilt’s 100-point game.

The closest? Kobe Bryant, in a performance that I think was more impressive than Wilt’s, mainly because he wasn’t a man amongst boys (just an MVP-level performer, playing against a pretty crummy team in the Toronto Raptors), and because 90 percent of his points came in competitive action. His Lakers (beyond Kobe, they were very, very bad back then) were losing through 2 1/2 quarters, and until the final couple of minutes, the Lakers needed every one of Kobe’s 81 points.

On top of that, Bryant made 7-13 3-pointers on his way to 81. That’s the quickest way toward 100, these days, and Jordan was never much of a 3-point shooter — 29 percent career, when you take away the nearly 2 1/2 seasons Jordan played with the shorter 22-foot 3-point line. Sure, hand-checks would send you to the line more often, but that many times? Enough to get to 100?

It’s OK to “just” be the best ever, MJ. It’s OK to be the all-around player you were. And it’s OK to wonder if you could top Kobe’s 81. But 100 points? Who cares? Wilt’s night was impressive, but it was an aberration. A freak show. A gimmick, and not entirely the proudest moment in this league’s history (again, the Warriors fouled the Knicks to get the ball back!).

It’s OK, MJ. They’re still making video games about you. Nobody’s forgotten anything.


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The Phillies Roy Halladay – Pitches a NO-HITTER against the REDs

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 7, 2010

In spring training, Roy Halladay talked about his dream of pitching in the postseason. His dream was a nightmare for the Reds.

Halladay became just the second pitcher to throw a no-hitter in a playoff game, blanking the Cincinnati Reds 4-0 yesterday in Game 1 of the NLDS.  

The robotic right-hander was perfect, save a fifth inning walk to Jay Bruce, and pounded the plate with 79 strikes on 104 pitches.

“He was tremendous,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “Great command. Absolutely unreal. I felt he used all of his pitches pretty good.”

Halladay acknowledged the significance of his accomplishment, but noted that it takes a back seat to his ultimate goal of winning a World Series.

“It was one of those special things that you’ll always remember,” Halladay said. “But the playoffs take priority. We’re one game up. We’ve got to win two more.”

If the Phillies’ offense generates runs for Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels like they did for Halladay, it could be a short series. The Phillies gave Halladay ample support by scoring all four runs in the first two innings.

Shane Victorino led the attack with a double, a single and a pair of RBIs. Halladay also drove in a run with a single.

“That made it fun for me,” Halladay said.


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Mayweather layin out the blueprints for Pac-Man- (Video)

Posted by T.K Taylor on September 3, 2010

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Manny Pacquiao wnats Floyd MayWeather to step up and fight! Pacquiao says “I Don’t Need Him, He Needs Me. Compare My Achievements To His”

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 2, 2010

NEW YORK — Manny Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach wanted the exact same thing that boxing fans everywhere wanted: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

They got Antonio Margarito instead.

Pacquiao and Roach said Wednesday that they agreed to every demand put forward by Mayweather for what could have been the richest fight in boxing history. But the former pound-for-pound king chose not to accept the fight, leaving Pacquiao to look elsewhere for a fall opponent.

He’ll face Margarito, the former welterweight champ, on Nov. 13 at Cowboys Stadium.

“I don’t need him, he needs me,” Pacquiao said of Mayweather, during a stop Wednesday in New York to promote his upcoming fight. “Compare my achievements in boxing to his achievements.

They’ve both achieved plenty, which is why fans have been clamoring for the high-profile matchup for the better part of two years — and why so many are upset it hasn’t happened.

The fight was nearly made in January, then fell apart when Pacquiao refused Olympic-style drug testing in the weeks leading up to the fight. But the newly minted congressman from the Philippines said he’s even agreed to the strict blood testing in an effort to make the fight, but he hasn’t heard from Mayweather’s side why an agreement couldn’t be reached.

“We agree with, you know, his demands,” Pacquiao said, referring specifically to the blood testing. “I wanted to know if that’s his real reason [for not fighting].”

The entire negotiation process came to resemble an unsavory soap opera, with HBO Sports boss Ross Greenburg publicly stating that he had worked tirelessly as an intermediary between the two sides. Pacquiao’s promoter Top Rank has a poor relationship with Mayweather, who rose to become a world champion under its banner, so it’s not unreasonable to assume there was an intermediary.

Shortly after a deadline imposed by Top Rank for Mayweather to accept the fight had passed, his adviser Leonard Ellerbe issued a bizarre statement in which he said no negotiations ever took place — contradicting Greenburg and the folks at Top Rank.

Roach said that Top Rank had been calling him for advice on what gloves to wear, what ring size to use, what weight to fight at — standard details during a negotiation process.

When people are calling me and asking me, ‘Is this OK? Is this OK? Is this OK?’ There’s something going on,” Roach said. “I know there must have been negotiations going on.

Whatever he wanted to do, we were accepting it. Whatever he wanted. Manny said, ‘I want to fight. I’ll agree to anything.’ I thought the fight was a shoo-in.

Roach was recently in Ukraine to watch one of his other fighters, Vyacheslav Senchenko, retain a welterweight title. But all he heard from fans were questions about Pacquiao-Mayweather — not about Senchenko, and certainly not about Margarito.

“You know, I really truly think boxing needs that fight to happen,” Roach said. “All people want to know, ‘When’s he fighting Mayweather?’ Wherever I go, that’s what I’m asked.”

Source: ESPN

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Posted by yoMcLovin on August 31, 2010 has been hearing a CHORUS OF CRITICISM from women claiming that Savannah was being used by her babys father, NBA superstar LeBron James. But now, EXCLUSIVELY learned that Savannah’s a lot shrewder businesswoman than many gave her credit for.

According to a VERY RELIABLE NBA insider, LeBron negotiated a $25 MILLION DEAL with Savannah. And under the terms of the reported deal, Savannah would receive the money “in case their relationship ends.”

The insider explain, “It’s actually a paternity/confidentiality agreement, many NBA players have it with their child’s mothers. But LeBron’s is a lot more detailed and Savannah gets a lot more than most.”

The deal, the snitch tells, guarantees Savannah a lump sum of $25 MILLION if she and LeBron separate. In exchange, Savannah is NOT ALLOWED to talk about LeBron to the public.

DANG GIRL!!! We ain’t know you were THAT KINDA Businesslady . . . we got new respect of rthe chick now!!!


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LeBron to Stovell: You are Not My Father

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 31, 2010

Washington (CNN)A filing on behalf of basketball superstar LeBron James dismisses as “rank speculation” claims by a Washington lawyer that he is the athlete’s biological father, saying the man has “delusions” about alleged family ties.

Lawyers for James and his mother filed papers in federal court Monday seeking to dismiss a pending lawsuit. Leicester Stovell alleges the NBA all-star and his family have been involved in a cover-up to deny paternity, by committing fraud and misrepresentation.

The 14-page doc**ent said Stovell had completely failed to prove any of the facts alleged in his June 23 complaint. And they said he was motivated only by fame and money, calling Stovell’s actions a “fanciful hope for celebrity.”

The lawsuit claims Stovell met James’ mother, Gloria, in a Washington bar and restaurant in 1984, when she was visiting from Ohio. She was 15 or 16 at the time, and Stovell says they had sex only once, and was informed by Gloria James months later that she was pregnant. He claims she told him the child would be named LeBron, similar to Leicester Bryce, Stovell’s first and middle names.

Stovell is asking for unspecified millions of dollars in damages, and says he has been trying for three years to establish paternity, which he hopes would lead to financial and commercial opportunities. He is a solo legal practitioner in the District of Columbia, and filed the lawsuit on his own behalf.

He alleges a DNA test that showed he was not James’ father was falsified.

James’ attorneys, Frederick Nance and John Burlingame, dismissed those suggestions in often mocking tones aimed at the plaintiff.

“Stovell’s claims for millions of dollars from his p***tive son and Gloria James are based upon rank speculation,” said the court filing, “that a man who claims that as a 29-year-old lawyer he got a 15-year-old girl pregnant during a one-night stand and who never contributed a penny in child support would earn millions in commercial endors****ts by crawling out of the woodwork after the child he never gave a thought to became an NBA star.”

James, a native of Akron, Ohio, recently left the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign with the Miami Heat for what is believed to be one of the richest sports contracts in history. He is the reigning most valuable player of the NBA, and has carefully cultivated a public image as one of the most popular and talented athletes.

The complaint filed June 23 by Stovell said, “I recently have concluded that a comprehensive, sophisticated and well-funded effort might well have been under way for quite some time, perhaps beginning in its present form as early as when defendant LeBron James was in high school, to frustrate identification of his real father, and that there is a likelihood that the father in question is me.”

James’ lawyers think otherwise. “Stovell may truly believe that he is the father of LeBron James, even though a DNA test has told him otherwise. But his delusions do not give rise to a cause of action against either Gloria or LeBron James.”

Public records show Stovell is a former government attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He filed a lawsuit in 2002 against the agency, alleging racial discrimination. Federal court records show the case was settled when the SEC paid him $230,000, while not admitting fault.

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Carmelo Anthony vs Kat Stacks

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 31, 2010

The Carmelo Anthony vs Kat Stacks saga might have just taken an even more serious turn, with Kat claiming she has filed a police report against the NBA star.

Last week Denver Nuggets basketball player, Carmelo Anthony and his wife Lala Vasquez got into an argument on Twitter, that was sparked by Stacks sending a flirtatious tweet to Anthony.

Instead of ignoring it, Carmelo and Lala took the bait. The argument that ensued ended with Carmelo sending out a tweet offering a $5,000 bounty to anyone that would slap Stacks.

Not soon after, Carmelo’s Twitter account was deleted with him later claiming it was hacked.

The account has since been restored, but troubles caused by the threat may be just beginning.

Last night (August 30), Stacks sent out a tweet claiming she had filed a police report about the incident.

So the FBI getting involved since its an internet case

Just filed a police report on @CarmeloAnthony

Don’t you ever put my life and my son life in danger!

Whether or not she actually did remains to be seen, but the fact is that threat could wind up costing ‘Melo way more than 5G’s.

Hopefully, for his sake Kat was just bullsh*tting and this whole thing will just blow over.

source: Chasingdatpaper

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*TALK ABOUT PRESSURE* The weight of Temple’s future on Steward’s shoulders

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 26, 2010

 Temple’s football media day should’ve seemed different, considering this was the first time since 1990 that the Owls are coming off a winning season, at 9-4, and a bowl berth.But Al Golden has his team, voted preseason favorite to win the MAC, well trained. To a man, his players say they’re not dwelling on the past. Their focus is strictly on the now.

“Every season is new,” said senior linebacker Elijah Joseph. “It’s a different feeling from before, but we can’t worry about what we did. At first, we had guys who didn’t understand what the program was all about.

Now they do.”

Golden says it’s part of the culture change he’s tried to instill on North Broad, similar to what he learned under Joe Paterno at Penn State 20 years ago.

“We had tremendous leadership and vision from Coach Paterno,” said Golden. “Peer pressure was strong and I learned that leadership comes from the bottom up.”

It doesn’t hurt that he’s got such a strong stable of running backs, like sophomore Bernard Pierce, whom they’re hyping for the Heisman Trophy with billboards and a website. For now, Pierce is running second string behind Matt Brown (529 yards, 5 TDs) after he missed a week of training camp due to a concussion.

“He stepped up and filled my shoes perfectly,” said Pierce. “It doesn’t matter if he goes in or I do. The results will be the same.”

A bigger question will be at quarterback where junior Chester Stewart takes over from Vaughn Charlton, now a tight end.

“I’m more mature and making better decisions with the ball,” said Stewart, who started four games last season. “I think the coach saw that.”

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The Top 40 Dunks of the 2009/2010 season {featuring D-Wade, King James & Stoudemire and more}

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 24, 2010

With all the speculation around trades and hype around free agents this summer there’s alot of anticipation over the coming 2010-11 NBA Season. Before that season starts its time to see the top 40 dunks of the last season, and see some of your favorite players in their old jerseys for the last time.

For some of you this may be painful to watch, for some it may only heighten the anticipation for next season.

Check it out and then let us know which ones were your favorites…



Source: BooBooTv

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