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Dr. Marc Lamont Hill vs. Philadelphia Police Department

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 15, 2010



Dr. Marc Lamont Hill Files $1Million Lawsuit Against The Philadelphia Police Department

Many of you might remember Dr. Marc Lamont Hill for the eloquent way he addressed Slim Thug’s ignorant comments towards black women.  Well this brother is back in the news and suing the shyte out of the Philadelphia Police (PIGS) department for harrassment.

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(AllHipHop News) Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a Hip-Hop intellectual and associate college professor, has filed a $1 million dollar lawsuit against the Philadelphia police, claiming officers are harassing him.

Dr. Hill, an Associate Professor at Columbia University at Teachers College, filed the lawsuit in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, claiming that two officers harassed him. 

Dr. Hill, who is currently a political contributor for Fox News Channel, regularly appears on programs such as The O’Reilly FactorHuckabee, and Hannity in addition to being featured on other channels like CNNMSNBC, and CourtTV

According to the lawsuit, the incident unfolded on June 17th in the city of Philadelphia, when Dr. Hill to produce his vehicle registration, to which Hill complied. 

After questioning why he was being stopped, Officer Decoatsworth allegedly yanked Hill out of the car by his arm, pushed his fist into his back and asked Hill if he “could afford” his vehicle. 

As this occurred, another unnamed officer searched through Hill’s vehicle without his consent. 

Officer DeCoatsworth then told Hill to “get out of this neighborhood and go home” and never charged the professor with a crime. 

Dr. Hill, who is a resident of Philadelphia, earned his P.H.D from the University of Pennsylvania. He claims the officers violated his First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

“The Constitutional violations suffered by Plaintiff were the result of the City’s policies, procedures, customs and practices of allowing its officers to make stops without reasonable suspicion, and to use unreasonable and excessive force thereby violating the civil rights of those with whom they come into contact,” Hill’s lawyer Leonard K. Hill said in court papers.

Dr. Marc Lamont-Hill recently made headlines when he responded to an editorial Slim Thug wrote about his opinion on relationships with black women, in Vibe Magazine. 

Dr. Hill has also been featured on television on a regular basis, where he has discussed a variety of topics, including Hip-Hop culture.

He is seeking a trial by jury, suing the Philadelphia Police Department for at least $1 million dollars.


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Two Philly Cops Rob Undercover Cop For $24,000 Marijuana & $3,000 In Cash!

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 7, 2010

People wonder why folks don’t like cops…well here’s a prime example.  These two d*ck-heads robbed an undercover cop for $24,000 of marijuana and $3,000 in cash. 

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Two Philadelphia police officers have been charged with criminal conspiracy, robbery, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, theft, and other related charges, according to officials.

Sean Alivera, 31, and Christopher Luciano, 23, allegedly robbed a supposed drug dealer of 20 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $24,000 as well as $3,000 in cash. It turns out that the man they thought was a drug dealer was actually an undercover officer.

Authorities also believe that the two planned to have the drugs redistributed on the street by an un-named drug dealer.

“These two men are a disgrace to their badges, but they should not reflect on the hard working men and women in the police department,” said Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

At least five Philadelphia officers have been accused or convicted in the past year of trying to rob drug dealers. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey reportedly plans to clean house in the 6,600-member department.

“As far as corrupt cops, if they want to continue to do what they’re doing we will find them, we will arrest them and they will be prosecuted, period,” said Ramsey. “There is no middle ground here. Absolutely none.”


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Remember the singer Mario…well he got arrested for allegedly attacking his mom

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 1, 2010

TMZ reports:

Mario — the platinum-selling R&B singer — was arrested in Baltimore this morning for allegedly assaulting his own mother in an apartment they share.

According to police, Mario’s mother Shawntia Hardaway — a former heroin addict — told cops Mario had been “throwing and damaging property” … and pushed her around with his hands and forearms.

Cops say they found several broken items inside the apartment — including a broken china cabinet, a busted mirror and a hole in the closet door.

Mario’s mother also told police the 24-year-old singer had attacked her earlier in the week — in which he pushed her “eight feet into a living room wall, where Ms. Hardaway hit her head on the wall.”

Mario — real name Mario Dewar Bennett — was eventually arrested this morning for 2nd degree assault. He released on $50,000 bond.

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T.I. and Tiny’s Mug Shots Revealed, Tests Confirm Ecstasy Found in Car

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 3, 2010

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s recently released mug shots have a lot to say. After getting arrested for possession of what was confirmed to be ecstasy pills earlier today, the married couple was taken to the police station to have these sad-looking pics snapped.

 The newlyweds, who were pulled over in their Maybach on Wednesday night (Sept. 1) after making an illegal U-turn in West Hollywood, were cuffed after police detected the smell of marijuana from the car. Cops claimed that the arrest was made on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, which sources told TMZ were ecstasy pills.

T.I. is currently on probation for three years after serving seven months in prison for a weapons possession charge. If found in violation of his probation, Tip could be slapped with a significant jail sentence.

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Carmelo Anthony vs Kat Stacks

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 31, 2010

The Carmelo Anthony vs Kat Stacks saga might have just taken an even more serious turn, with Kat claiming she has filed a police report against the NBA star.

Last week Denver Nuggets basketball player, Carmelo Anthony and his wife Lala Vasquez got into an argument on Twitter, that was sparked by Stacks sending a flirtatious tweet to Anthony.

Instead of ignoring it, Carmelo and Lala took the bait. The argument that ensued ended with Carmelo sending out a tweet offering a $5,000 bounty to anyone that would slap Stacks.

Not soon after, Carmelo’s Twitter account was deleted with him later claiming it was hacked.

The account has since been restored, but troubles caused by the threat may be just beginning.

Last night (August 30), Stacks sent out a tweet claiming she had filed a police report about the incident.

So the FBI getting involved since its an internet case

Just filed a police report on @CarmeloAnthony

Don’t you ever put my life and my son life in danger!

Whether or not she actually did remains to be seen, but the fact is that threat could wind up costing ‘Melo way more than 5G’s.

Hopefully, for his sake Kat was just bullsh*tting and this whole thing will just blow over.

source: Chasingdatpaper

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