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Philly tax demands blog bucks

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 26, 2010

Philly tax demands blog bucks

Bloggers beware: In Philadelphia, your opinion may come with a price — which the city bureaucracy  wants from you for the right to write online.

The “blogger’s business fee” gained critical steam via alt-weekly attention last week and a Twitter-frenzy yesterday after the taxman sent letters demanding one-time $300 BPT payments from bloggers. By Monday, the phrase “Philadelphia taxing bloggers” drew 2.2 million Google results.

The primary issue online is over freedom of speech for bloggers making no, or little, money. One website called it “medieval,” but Philly City Hall said yesterday that many in the blogosphere have got it wrong.

“If you don’t generate revenues from the enterprise — like a mom blogging about her kids or someone blogging as a creative outlet without ads — you don’t need to pay taxes,” spokeswoman Maura Kennedy said.

The city didn’t share how the blogger list was compiled or how they’ll discern between profitable ones and non-moneymakers.

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