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College Basketball Player Changes Sexual Distinction From Female To Male. Becoming NCAA’s 1st Transgendered Athlete. Should This Be Allowed?

Posted by yoMcLovin on November 3, 2010

I saw this story on CNN this morning and I simply don’t agree with this ruling by the NCAA.

George Washington University basketball player Kay-Kay Allums has been allowed by the NCAA to change her sexual distinction from female to male. Although she has not undergone any surgery and will not be allowed to undergo testosterone therapy while competing.

Instead of Kay-Kay, her name is now Kye Allums. She is being labeled as the first ever transgender player in NCAA Division ! basketball history.

The 21-year old Allums says she has been a tomboy all of her life, and now considers herself a brother to her teammates.

This means a lot,” Allums said. “I didn’t choose to be born in this body and feel the way I do. I decided to transition, that is change my name and pronouns because it bothered me to hide who I am, and I am trying to help myself and others to be who they are, I told my teammates first, and they, including my coaches, have supported me. My teammates have embraced me as the big brother of the team. They have been my family, and I love them all.

Ok, so if you are considered a man, should you be allowed to play on a woman’s team and vice versa? Where do you draw the line?

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