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Posted by yoMcLovin on February 7, 2011


A game for the iPhone and iPad, in which players drive illegal immigrants over the border from Mexcio into America, has been condemned as tasteless. In Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration, gamers have to drive a truck over rocky terrain making sure nobody falls out. When players drive too fast or too roughly immigrants – including babies – are sent flying through the air and onto the ground, and are left behind.

Smuggle Truck is due for release in March but already word has spread on Facebook, with many venting their outrage. ‘Disgusting,’ posted Xochitl Quintero. ‘Yes I know it’s a game, but human suffering is no joke to me.’ In Smuggle Truck, those who successfully carry out their ‘missions’ are given medals that unlock new levels. Players who drive slowly but get their entire cargo over the border are given a ‘Green Card’, or permission to remain in the U.S. indefinitely.

Smuggle Truck has been designed by Massachussets-based computer firm Owlchemy, which says gamers can ‘enjoy hilarious physics-based driving gameplay while trying to transport your cargo over the border.’ The company’s co-founder Alex Schwartz said that the point of the game was to make a mockery of the laws about immigration. He said: ‘We feel like there should be room for expression in this medium that can talk about this – but because we’re approaching it with satire it’s hard to do.’ He added that Owlchemy was open to suggestions to change the game so that immigrant groups approved. An Apple app store spokesman said he was unable to comment until the game had been submitted for approval.

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