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5 Tips To Become A Master Eater Outer

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 8, 2010

If you’re a regular reader than this post will make you want to do things to the person you love, like or just bumping uglies with. With that said here are 5 fantastic tips to make you a Master Eater Outer

Eating out is when the man licks the woman’s vagina. It’s really that simple, now although that pretty much sums it up here are some tips to ensure that a girl’s chances of having an orgasm are higher than Drake, Lil Wayne and Lindsay Lohan combined.

1. Tap It:

First start with a nice long lick. The guy should start his tongue somewhere in the middle of her vagina. With an extremely wet tongue he should lick up, around and through her lips. I like to lick my lips first so if they touch her vagina lips I she can feel the amazing sensation of my lips on her skin. Then while twirling my tongue around in a circular clockwise motion I put as much of my tongue on her vagina as possible and than tongue tap it all over. This is when I gently tap my tongue all over her wet vagina. Kind of how thumper taps his foot. This teases the woman. The man just gave her maximum feeling and suddenly switched to light taps. She’ll go crazy with anticipation.

2. Hand to Mouth:

Tongue is very important when it comes to eating a girl the right way, but one thing you must remember is that a little finger never hurts. Well sometimes it does. The man should make sure his nails of clean, filed and doesn’t have any jagged edges. The key to hand movement is to rub, while poking can be good it can also lead to injury if you don’t know what you’re doing. Men should rub the clit with a moist finger while licking it. I like to use three fingers I make them moist, take her outer lips and push them towards her lick and gently or forcibly massage her clit. All the while I make sure to slide my tongue across her vagina so she can feel my tongue. Get turned on by my breath breathing on her body. I want her to get pleasure that her scent will be all over my face and my hands.

3. Back and Forth:

Simply moving your tongue back and forth can go a long way. Taking a tongue and gracefully sliding it all over her vagina will make her go wild. Some dudes spell out names, other move their tongue with no pattern but the key to great vagina eating is to make sure the tongue is moving around her vagina parts. A guy’s goal should be to move her clit back and forth, up and down. The man’s tongue she be a man and tell the woman’s vagina lips where to go. All this non verbal communication is done with one thing in mind. Make the girl explode all over the guy’s face.

4. Leg Lock:

Again Master Eater Outers know that they are the man. So Legs are very important when it comes to licking vagina. The man should control the woman’s legs. Lifting them up to make the woman’s butt go in the air in case he wants to lick her low. He can also use a woman’s legs to move her body when he his neck and tongue need a rest. I like to use my woman’s legs to rub her wet dripping vagina all over my face. Smearing her juice all over. It just makes for good times and supplies a vision she’ll cream for.

5. Don’t Stop Get It Get It:

The man can’t give up. A lot of women don’t come because the man stops before the woman has the chance to cum. Continue to eat her until she tells you she came. I once ate a girl out for 4 hours, until my tongue was sore. There also comes a time when the man has to stay he cannot make a woman reach orgasm. So here are some tips.

Use a Toy, and let the girl ride your face. Remember Rock The Boat: When a woman is hovering over her man’s mouth while his tongue carrasses her vagina, she should rub it all over his tongue. She should grind her vagina over his face and get his face a wet as possible, trying to cover the bottom half of his face with her juices. Think of it like marking a tree, her man will smell her for hours after the oral is done.

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Vaginal Surgery ~> If you have a dried up cheese steak meat looking vagina you may wanna look into this cosmetic procedure.

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 30, 2010

Hey  Dr. Chaves,

What exactly is vaginal surgery? One of my wife’s friends e-mailed her and said that she was thinking about doing that because she had a couple of kids. The thing is, my wife’s friend isn’t sick or anything. What’s the point of vaginal surgery?

Harper T., New York, NY

I love vagina questions. But this question’s about changing one. Why (they’re all so pretty)? If your wife’s friend isn’t sick and she’s recently had kids, she might be getting what is called vaginoplasty (tightening the vagina and surrounding structures) and/or a labiaplasty (altering the appearance of the labias or vaginal lips).

Most of these surgeries are for cosmetic or personal reasons, but medical issues can be reasons as well. There’s a lot of pressure and expectation put on females by our society to look a certain way and that includes genitals (hence, the consideration of vaginal surgery). Have you ever seen an “imperfect“ vulva in Porn, Playboy or Hustler? Of course not; surgery, computers and Photoshop make sure of that. But it’s unrealistic and unnatural. Vulvas were made to be different, just like people.

My guess is that your wife’s friend feels uncomfortable about her privates and wants to surgically alter her appearance. Some say it’s no different than plastic surgery, breast implants or liposuction. Not a big deal. Others say its unethical and a response to social pressures — a big deal.

One thing I wonder is how does this affect the sex? There’s little reliable research that tests the sensation changes before and after vaginal surgeries. Realistically, tissue and nerves are removed or altered, which in theory would affect sensation, right? What about the possible psychological impacts a female may experience with altered genitalia? Could that affect her desire, arousal and sensation in a good way? Um, would someone please research this? I’m a realist. I expect a vulva to be different from the last one I encountered. I expect a vagina to never look like another.


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