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T.I. Covers Upscale Magazine (September / October 2010)

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 1, 2010

Clifford is on two covers of the September and October issue of Upscale magazine.

On his new album:
This project just like all of my projects will be a open window into my life, what I’m going through, how I feel and where I am right now.

On where he is:
I’m still learning and growing everyday. I do believe this project is in some ways the final installment of a trilogy. TI vs. TIP being the first one…. I hope that events of my life are captured in music in all of my records. So they were there for the beginning, they saw the middle (with Paper Trail) and now the only thing left to be seen is the conclusion.

On the advice he’d give to young Clifford Harris:
I would say man, if you knew what I knew, you would chill out… I would tell myself you’re going to be alright later on, all you have to do is cool out, you might not see it right now, but you have a reason to fall back. I just hope that I would listen.

On his best and worst character traits:
I can manage to be arrogant or confident as well as be humble and possess a certain level of humility. I can be aggressive and I can also be mild mannered.

On his future in hip hop:
I know I still have the ability to do it, but I don’t know if I have as much passion to do it as I once did… I might find that I’m more effective in another capacity, but I won’t know if I don’t ever try. I have other talents and abilities that I may not be paying any attention to because I have this first one that I’m very fond of and I’ve grown attached to… As an artist I still would like to be better, but as an artist, I think TI has had a stellar career already.

On loyalty getting in the way of business:
…If I say I’m gonna ride with you, I’m gonna ride with you. That’s personally, professionally. So even if I know that you might not be all what everyone else thinks you’re cracked up to be, I’m still gonna ride it out with you. It does get tiresome and it does get gruesome at time, but I don’t know no other way to be.

On being a daddy:
I make them look up different places and ask them where would they like to go. I just spend time with them. I try to stimulate their interests and build on that.

On his favorite quality in a woman:
Just having that instinct of when to take charge and when to fall back.

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Oscar Nominated Screenwriters working on Tupac Shakur’s Biopic

Posted by yoMcLovin on September 1, 2010

Stephen J. Rivele and Chris Wilkinson, the Oscar nominated screenwriters of films like Ali and Nixon, have now agreed to pen Training Day director Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming biopic about the late Tupac Shakur. Although the film’s lead role has yet to be cast, Rivele and Wilkinson revealed that the film will focus primarily on the slain rapper’s final day.

“I knew nothing about [Tupac before]…[but after researching him] it became clear that he was essentially a 19th century Romantic poet who found himself in the 21st century,” said Rivele. “This is the story of an artist whose character is at odds with his medium. He was a really sensitive, very romantic, talented young poet who also could sing, dance, and act. But the realities [of the record industry] were that he had to create this persona of the gangster.” (

Although the identity of Tupac’s killer has been highly contested in Hip Hop circles, Rivele and Wilkinson say they hope to focus more on the senselessness of the killing itself. Rivele says that he feels Tupac was at the cusp of a transformative period in his life and that his associations with certain people may have led to his downfall.

“He was obviously very angry, and had been subjected to a great deal of violence at home, in the streets and in prison,” said Rivele. “But he was just beginning to shed that anger and look for a purer voice…He was in the process of changing himself, and entering a new phase of his life — essentially a Romantic vision — and had set up a new label, and a new production company to create it. He saw the contradiction between the musical persona of ‘Thug Life,’ and his essential nature as a gentle, sensitive person. And that was partly responsible for his murder: he was not a gangster, but the people around him were. They saw he was going to leave, that they were going to lose him, and so I think they decided to kill him.” (

The film is expected to begin filming this November.

source: Source:HHDX

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Nicki Minaj Says The Thought Of Dating Diddy Makes Her “Gag”. Calls Her Haters, “Losers”

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 27, 2010

(CNN) — Three years ago, Nicki Minaj was getting fired from jobs more often than she was paying her rent on time.

The Trinidad-born, New York City-raised artist has written lyrics about having an alcoholic father who once tried to burn down the house with her mom inside.

Certainly, Onika “Nicki Minaj” Maraj seems to be an unlikely candidate to become one of the most intriguing hip-hop artists of today.

After spending the early part of her childhood at her grandmother’s house, Minaj eventually landed in Queens with her parents. By the third grade, she already had an affinity for singing and acting and would later attend the famed LaGuardia Arts High School to study drama.

“I was thinking in my head I was going to be a famous actress,” Minaj says. “When I got out of high school, I didn’t really want to take time and go and audition, I just wanted to get a job and work and get my own place.”

Minaj quickly became bored with the nine to five and decided to give rap music a shot.

A friend in her neighborhood asked Minaj to write a hook for his song, and the young 20-something delivered a chorus and verse that left her collaborator in awe. Figuring if she really put her mind to it that she could succeed in rap, Minaj decided to quit her last job. And then she told her mother.

“I will never forget the panic and fear in her eyes,” she says. “My heart just frickin’ collapsed for a second. My mother was always like, ‘Yeah, you can do anything,’ but her eyes couldn’t lie …”

That was then.

Today, Nicki Minaj is one of the most influential female artists in hip-hop’s male-dominated landscape.

She is signed to Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money label, has won two BET Awards and is up for best new artist at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Minaj has also had eight songs land on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart, including three in the Top 10. Her current single, “Your Love,” sits atop the rap charts, and she has collaborated with everyone from Mariah Carey to Kanye West.

And all of this comes before Minaj has even released her debut album (“Pink Friday” drops on November 23). It is for this very reason that growing skepticism seems to follow Minaj’s every move and lyric.

Some cynicism stems from Minaj’s relationship with her mentor, Lil’ Wayne, whom she calls her biggest influence in all aspects of the music business.

Before she met Lil’ Wayne, Minaj was on the mixtape circuit, even pushing DVDs to get the word out. Lil’ Wayne caught wind of Minaj’s first disc and wanted the artist to be the girl in his Young Money camp.

Minaj has no problem the admitting that she and Lil’ Wayne had a “very weird relationship” in the beginning.

“People told me, ‘Wayne’s just saying that because he wants to get in your pants,’ ” she said. “I heard a lot of that, so I really distanced myself away from him.”

Aside from sending each other verses for their respective songs and brief conversations here and there, Minaj would go months without hearing from Lil’ Wayne.

“We just became great friends because I got to know him and his sense of humor, and I no longer felt uncomfortable,” she says. “I realized this dude just wants to make a mark in music, and he has a great eye and a great ear for hip-hop.”

Minaj says her role with Young Money and her career really began to get serious nine months ago.

Even if you don’t know her name, chances are you’ve heard or seen Nicki Minaj in the last year because, frankly, she’s hard to miss. Whether it’s her assortment of multicolored wigs, the arsenal of voices she uses, name-dropping Anna Nicole Smith or her legion of fans known as Harajuku Barbies, Minaj’s larger-than-life persona has garnered praise and disdain from listeners and artists alike.

Minaj says she couldn’t care less about her detractors.

“The people that are inclined to hate are also inclined to be losers. A loser could never congratulate a winner – it’s not in them” she says.

“I just think that what I’m doing seems weird, but I think it only seems weird because it’s exaggerated, but it’s not weird because it’s untrue,” she says.

Often the truth in Minaj’s career is trumped by the rampant rumors swirling around her love life, sexuality and lofty comparisons. Kanye West has said she has the potential to be second-greatest rapper of all time, next to Eminem. Irv Gotti has compared her to Lauryn Hill.

In regards to the latter, Minaj isn’t as humble as one might expect.

“Irv has been privy to hear things that I’ve done that the world hasn’t heard,” she says. “Based on the music I have out now, that sounds like an absurd comment, but when ‘Pink Friday’ comes out, you will completely understand why Irv made that comparison.”

While Minaj loves the praise, she knows that speculation often isn’t far behind. When a photo of Minaj holding hands with her friend and adviser, Diddy, surfaced on the internet, blogs were in frenzy over the idea Minaj was dating the entertainment mogul.

“You know how you look at your older brother? That’s how I look at Diddy,” she says. “When people say that, it makes me gag. He’s my friend, and he’s sweet and he’s a great guy, but I could never see him that way.”

And for the record, Diddy is not her manager, she says.

“I am very optimistic person, and that’s the only thing that gives me sanity,” she says about those questioning her apparent quick ascension in the business.

“The people who still feel Nicki needs to prove herself — I agree with them. I love the fact that people still feel like, ‘Show me more, give me more,’ because that’s what I was born to do.”


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