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Posted by yoMcLovin on February 17, 2011


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Posted by yoMcLovin on February 14, 2011


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>Can Men and Women be JUST friends?

Posted by yoMcLovin on February 14, 2011


Can Men and Women be JUST friends?

This is a question that has probably plagued mankind since the beginning of mankind.

If Adam and Eve called it quits with each other after that whole forbidden apple fiasco, could they still have remained friends and moved on with their separate love lives?.

Would Adam have felt some type of way seeing her with another man?. The man did give up a rib for her creation. Just imagine Adam meeting Steve (Eve’s new lover), I think the conversation may have went something like this:

Adam: Hey your Eve’s guy right wait wait it’s Maurice right?
Steve: Nah bro it’s Steve
Adam: oh yeah my bad that was the other guy, so anyway what’s up with you two I hear y’all are kicking it hard these days
Steve: well yeah we are things are actually going…….
(Adam cuts Steve off)
Adam: Btw I gave Eve one of my ribs. 

Steve: Oh really
Adam: Dude I totally created her oh she didn’t tell you? if it weren’t for me she’d be a fish or something. But anyway man nice talking to you I have to roll. Tell Eve the rib-man said wad’up holla.


Would Eve had been a vindictive (female dog in heat) by attempting to sabotage any relationship Adam was in by spreading false rumors around town?. She did at one point in time have the sole responsibility of creating mankind. If Eve had a Facebook I think some of her statuses would have looked like this:

What’s on your mind?: N.A.S LOL SB: where my dolls at? We out tonight…we bad you mad. Just get like us TAGGED: Shawquisha Jones, Mary TheVirgin Madelene

What’s on your mind?: my ex going to call me today talking bout can he see me #lame SB: me and my boy headed out to Jerusalem for the weekend no broke dudes over here

What’s on your mind?: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard TAGGED: Adam

“Eve comments on Adam’s status”
What’s on your mind?: Club Sodom with the babe did 1 thing
Eve Likes this
Eve says:
Lol 🙂
Adam says:
What’s funny
Eve says:
Nothing you take all your girls there huh? Tell that b*tch to stay off my page too you better tell her before I do Adam

Crazy right? LOL

So maybe the question isn’t “Can men and women be JUST friends?”, maybe the question is “Can men and women with HISTORY be JUST friends”. I don’t think it’s possible. Me personally I have been on both sides of the fence. I just wanted to be friends and the female wanted more and vice versa. So I don’t think men and women can be JUST friends especially when they have a history together. I think this is because no matter how bad the past relationship was one of the two will still have some sort of feelings for the other, and those feelings will show through envy and hatred.

So if your thinking about being friends with you ex, be wary of the repercussions and bullsh*t that comes with it.

What do you think???? Comment or tweet me @montmclovin with #justfriends hashtag

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>AT&T rewarding LOYAL customers with 1000 FREE rollover minutes

Posted by yoMcLovin on February 12, 2011


AT&T doesn’t want you leaving their network for Verizon now that they’ve got the iPhone. They really don’t want you doing that, in fact… so much so that if you’re an iPhone user on AT&T, you can now be rewarded with 1,000 free rollover minutes, as long as you apply.
Sound like a good deal? Here’s what you need to do. First, wait for a text message from AT&T (or check your existing texts) for an offer from AT&T, thanking you for your loyalty and offering you 1000 bonus rollover minutes. Respond “yes” to that text message and the 1000 bonus rollover minutes will be added to your account.
Tired of waiting for a text? You can also get the Rollover minutes by texting the word ‘yes’ to 11113020, which will automatically sign you up for the same offer.
AT&T’s really showing all the outward signs of panic now that Verizon has the iPhone. They obviously fear a mass migration: in the last week alone, they’ve given not just this gift of rollover minutes, but free micro cells, free unlimited calls to any cell in the country and even a new trade-in service to their customers… as long as they don’t make the switch.
Here’s what’ll happen. If Verizon sells a lot of iPhones this weekend, expect AT&T’s offers to its “loyal” customers to get ever more desperate. If not, though, expect this sudden largesse to disappear entirely.

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>Watching Me Closely – Trump Gees x Gucci Mane – We gon F*ck

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>New Music: Who Got It (Let’s Roll Up) – Vladimir Jones, Reginald Canon, Dot Da Joker

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>Bruno Mars Feat – Lil Wayne- Grenade [Remix]

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>Young Chris Feat. Lloyd Banks- Flat Line (Prod. By Cardiak)

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> Rick Ross – Bricks by thestreetsdiary

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>UPDATED: Rick Ross Signs Meek Mill To Maybach Music Group

Posted by yoMcLovin on February 9, 2011


(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross continues to expand his Maybach Music Group record label, with the signing of popular Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. 

After months of speculation, Meek, who was once affiliated with T.I,’s Grand Hustle label,  has officially joined Washington D.C. rapper Wale as the newest member of Ross’ growing label. 

Meek has been steadily gaining tracking in the music business with his Flamerz series of mixtapes, in addition to songs like “Rozay Red,” “Make Em’ Say,” “I’m So Fly” “Hottest In America, “Baby Girl” and others. 

“Philly had a lot of s**tgoing on and the whole city was dead,” Meek Mill said. “We need somebody to bring it back, so I said why not somebody like me.”

In addition to Ross, Wale and Meek, Maybach Music’s roster includes rap group Triple C’s, Mass Pike Miles, Young Breed, Perle, Magazeen, Cash Chris and The Olympiks


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