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Juelz Addresses Dipset’s Kanye Diss

Posted by T.K Taylor on September 18, 2010

The Diplomats have been creating a stir since ending their feud with a public reconciliation earlier this year. And the buzz is likely to grow in the wake of Jim Jones and Cam’ron’s recent Kanye West diss track “Toast”.

“To be honest, I really just heard the record like a fan…like everyone else,” Juelz said. “I didn’t even know they did it. Me, Cam and Jim have been speaking, but they must’ve did that when they were just together. I was on the Internet like, ‘Wow!’ Cam has always said certain things as far as how he felt about Jay-Z and Kanye. He’s never been a person to bite his tongue.”

As a soloist, Juelz Santana is Kanye West’s labelmate at Def Jam, which may have helped a potential working relationship between the two.

“I actually spoke to Kanye about a month and a half ago,” Santana added. “His energy was good, and he was talking about getting me down to Hawaii to work on his album.”

The pairing apparently never happened, as West continued working in Hawaii while Santana has been busy with the upcoming Diplomats reunion project.

“We’ve been in the mix, doing a couple songs back and forth,” Juelz revealed. “We’re waiting for the deal to go through, which should be due any day now. We’re just planning on moving forward, doing it how we do it, and giving the people what they’ve been waiting for.”

In the meantime, Juelz will also be joining Flex and Maino at Asbury Park High School in New Jersey on Saturday September 19 for an Increase The Peace Concert.

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50’s Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather’s Domestic Battery Complaint

Posted by T.K Taylor on September 11, 2010

50 Cent explained that he believes that a friend of Harris who lives with her may be heightening the situation between Harris and Mayweather.

“She has a girlfriend that stays in the guesthouse that floyd is paying for her as child support that is helping fuel the situation” Said 50cent on via twitter early this morning.

USA Today reports that Harris filed a similar complaint against Mayweather in 2005, but recanted.

“I speak to floyd every day he like my brother his baby’s mother did this shit before in 2003, dragged him to court then said he didn’t hit her,” said 50 Cent.

According to Mayweather’s attorney he is more than willing to cooperate with police in their investigation.

This is some Crazy stuff guys ….

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Mayweather layin out the blueprints for Pac-Man- (Video)

Posted by T.K Taylor on September 3, 2010

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I kno this one is a lil old but its still fire~> CASSIDY who wanna go “FACE TO FACE” (Video)

Posted by T.K Taylor on September 3, 2010

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