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Trump Gees Presents Watching me Closely VOL 1 (Free Download)

Posted by yoMcLovin on December 1, 2010

1.Money Machine Skit
2.Trump Gees-Watching Me Closely
3.Trump Gees-Black Yellow Remix
4.Trump Gees Feat Lipps-Street Life
5.Trump Gees Feat Kobe Honeycutt-Don t Judge Me
6.Trump Gees Feat Freeway-I Know
7.Trump Gees-All The Way Hustle
8.Trump Gees Feat Gucci Mane-We Gon F ck
9.Trump Gees-I Hope She Cheats Remix
10.Trump Gees Feat Alotta Cash-Start It Up
11.Trump Gees Feat Curren y-Without You Remix
12.Trump Gees-Fly
13.Trump Gees Feat Meek Mill-My Hood
14.Trump Gees-Never Fall
15.Trump Gees-Suffer
16.Trump Gees-I m Comin Over

This album includes features from some of the industries biggest heavy hitters, it’s a certified banger. Don’t get it from the bootleggers Download it right here for free.

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