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Posted by yoMcLovin on November 10, 2010


Artists aren’t the only ones who can make good use of a blank canvas. Enter Nike’s heralded Dunk Hi model, this time dawning a never before seen, monochromatic black all canvas upper. After all, as Jay-Z has so popularly put on, “all black everything,” right? Be one of the firsts to lock down these bad boys, by heading on over to Livestock, as the sneaks have yet to reach the States. $145


C’mon, we’re dealing with man’s ultimate fantasy here—beer and sneakers, so surely we get a pass. The appropriate pair of food (Gourmet) and beverage (Heineken) is served to perfection with an all black canvas upper, nicely accented by a white sole and laces and also features a leather patch stitched along side. Included as a tribute to the Heineken bottle is a green heel tab which seals the deal for the collaboration. Available soon at select Gourmet retailers. Drink it up.


For their Holiday drop, Gourmet took their popular Quadici to the heavens and created the 21, a savvy duck boot. Not for waddling but walking cool, the boot features a leather upper, air-cushioned sole, and a toothy bottom to grip the ground. Look for the 21 at Gourmet accounts now, including online through Moose. $160

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