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Do Women Still Want A Man Who Can Beat The ***** Up?

Posted by yoMcLovin on October 28, 2010

Girls love making love, but sometimes women like to be f***ed. We are all grown here. I’m going to assume we are all sexual intellectuals so let’s not beat around the bush sometimes after a good tongue spanking the only thing left to do to a woman is beat it up and leave her walking funny.

In order to beat it up a man must do a few things to really leave the chicks pigeon toe’d and I’ll explain a few moves women seem to love. Before I start please understand that woman are different some might like it some might not, but it’s still good to know.

  • The Shoulder Grab: When you’re trying to beat it up a quick shoulder grab and pull can add extra pressure and leverage to allow a man to drill a woman so hard that her orgasm will feel like an oil spill in the gulf.
  • The Hair Pull: Pulling a girl’s hair can add a certain effect to the sex that can changes things forever. Women getting their hair pulled hurts and the manxilla inside a woman is like taking an ex pill after smoking a joint. Amazing!
  • Smack Her During Sex: When a man is trying to f*** a woman there are things he must do with out asking that simply must be done. Smack a giril in the middle of sex and see what happens. This is a good way to tell if you’re really beating it up. If a man is doing his job, she won’t say a damn thing. If he’s slacking, the whole sex relation may come to an end.
  • Choke Her: I once wrote a blog entitled how to choke a girl during sex. Re-read it and then try every level of the choke during sex. You’re girl will thank me later.
  • Deepness: When a man beat’s it up he must go deep. I like to do the deep 9 which I mentioned numerous times on this blog. Yet a man must go deep. Really deep. It’s as simply as sticking the manxilla as deep inside the vagina as possible. Stronger speeds, Faster than a fastball and harder than a Tyson punch. Go Deep.
  • The Face Grab: Grab a woman’s face while having sex with her and see what happens.

Overall having sex is a stupid dope thing. If a man knows what he’s doing a man can do pretty much anything during sex and get away with it. Good Peen is great peen for a woman. Especially in a age where most men can’t hold a candle to a woman’s libido in the bedroom try these things out and let me know what does it take for a man to beat it up!

With all that said, do women still want a man to beat it up or do they want to be made love too?


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