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WTF Rape suspect post a $500 hit on victims head via Facebook

Posted by yoMcLovin on August 20, 2010

Facebook is a place to communicate. But one teenager has learned it’s not a place to put out a hit on someone, as law enforcement officials in Chester County allege.

In a digital age where nearly everything is recorded, videotaped or saved on hard drive, one prosecutor still has a hard time understanding why Corey Adams, 19, allegedly posted on his Facebook page that he had $500 “on a girl’s head.”

Adams allegedly posted it after hearing that a young woman might seek rape charges against him, county Assistant District Attorney Patrick Carmody said yesterday after Adams’ preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Adams is being held on $300,000 bail on charges stemming from the alleged rape and subsequent Facebook messages.

“It’s hard to imagine what some people are thinking in this modern age,” Carmody said.

In another recent case of digital devices gone wrong, a Chester County woman and her lover charged in the killing of the woman’s husband allegedly talked about killing the man through text messages, Carmody said.

“You’d think they have to know people are going to read these,” he said.

Adams’ attorney said that he never identified a woman by name in two posts and that it could have been someone else.

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